Every year 150 families from the Sunraysia area go through the heartache, pain and financial stress of a treasured infant requiring medical treatment hundreds of kilometres away from home for illness or unforeseen circumstances.

In 2013, little Lucas Whitelegg of Mildura was diagnosed as the nation’s youngest ever baby to contract Botulism. Spending nine months in intensive care, and a further six weeks on the ward of the Monash Medical Centre, Lucas’ young parents found themselves in desperate need of support for their relocation to Melbourne. During this testing time, the local district rallied behind the family, organising one of the biggest fundraisers ever seen. And in the Whitlegg’s own words, it was the generosity of their local community that enabled them to persevere through their darkest hours.

With little or no financial support available for the many regional families with a sick child, The Lucas Foundation has been created to provide a helping hand, and to assist in alleviating burden on families that find themselves in these most trying of times.

TLF aims to care for our local families whilst they strive to meet the needs of their sick children. Our mission is twofold; to heighten public awareness of children’s medical issues in our community, and second, raise much needed funds to assist families to continue to meet the medical requirements of their children.

Through The Lucas Foundation, we strive to give these children and their families a fighting chance at a better today and a more fulfilling future.